I am LOST…

You came as morning dew
made me feel lively fresh,
Something I long everyday
But know heart can’t possess,
You are my life’s breaking dawn
after facing the complete darkness,
You are the one who wiped my tear
made me glow bringing a smile,
You are the one with whom I shared my fear
didn’t flinch seeing my naked scar,
I always wana have you near
But still I know u can never be mine dear…
Life decides to play cruel joke
took you away whom I wanted the most,
Granted wish to live happily ever after
But connived me knowing now I am completely lost…
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13 Responses to I am LOST…

  1. Triforce says:

    I love this like I hate this… :/

  2. roopz says:

    "Life decides to play cruel joketook you away whom I wanted the most"-Thats life 🙂

  3. meenz says:

    @triforce and roopz- i know unfortunately dat is how it is!!

  4. Subin says:

    nice..hope evrythgs fine..:?

  5. Ahmed Dragon says:

    Let me tell you something, Meenakshi… In life, when one loses a loved one… it happens for a reason… and that reason is that it happened for the best…. Whatever many years a couple were together, it finally broke…. it was never meant to be… now the thing is… when one loses a loved one… that gap in life will be there… what you need a one who you know you can trust.. one who shows love and respect towards you… One who will take you away from sadness and will give you best of the best that you truly deserve…One who promises you that you have a hand to hold forever…that will be the one who will cover the gap, thus enabling you to turn that frown upside down!! Just follow your heart and believe in miracles!! ^_^

  6. hey are ya meenaksi from 3g ?????you on fb ??

  7. meenz says:

    nope.. i am not the gal u are looking for!!!

  8. Miisbah says:

    "Life Decide To Play Cruel Jokes " Really awesome !!

  9. Owais says:

    Beautifully written

  10. meenz says:

    thank u so much… it means lot 🙂

  11. meenz says:

    thank u so much ^_^

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