Dreams of My REALITY

If I could ever tell you my dreams,
I would show how simple life would seem,
I would be the wanderer of my life,
I create the destiny for what I strive..
If I could show you my tears,
Could I also trust you with my fears,
will you see beyond the realm,
or judge me the way others did…
If I ever said my smile is a mask,
filled with agony that makes me aghast,
will you be the new strength I found,
unquestioning faith that still lingers around..
If I let you touch my scar,
will you like the imperfect me,
not wound me further with your words and deeds,
would you let me be what I want me to be..
If I want to live my dream,
still will you believe the spark in me,
hold me tight and still not possess me,
let me fly I don’t want to own and be owned…
If I still asked you to be part of the journey,
will you be cynical about destination nowhere,
can you share the highs and low,
and not count the flaws alone…
If you still have unwavering faith and be part of me,
will share my lonely soul to make it complete,
can you have the patience with me,
love me for I am me and still let me be..   
If I tell you this is the dream of my reality,
will you stand and fight alongside,
walk along the untrodden path,
because this might be the only fairytale I ever seeked…
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