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Solace In Silence

Sometimes I seek solace in silence Filled with agony and distress On my way lost my innocence Here I stand seeking out aimless Sometimes I wonder about my smile Is it my way to live the perfect lie I think … Continue reading

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Dreams of My REALITY

    If I could ever tell you my dreams, I would show how simple life would seem,I would be the wanderer of my life,I create the destiny for what I strive..   If I could show you my tears,Could … Continue reading

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Tribute to True Friends Comfort

Trapped in the lonely  path you came to show me the way.. Life filled with darkness you showed me rainbow and ray Oh how I didn’t remember what it was to smile and play… Filled with anxiety and distress you … Continue reading

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LoNeLy NiGhTs…

Smile that refuses to reach her eyes,Life.. She paid heavy price.Tears that helped little to hide her fear,Scarred her.. no longer let anyone near..     Cruelty kept weaving its ploy,Still she held on to her coy. She went on keeping her … Continue reading

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MY Life.. My Scar

Can’t you see through what I’ve been,Life is not how it seem. Dreams come crashing down… Tears trickle rolling on. Its so cruel… My world being so cruel. The smiling face lost its charm. Glowing grace feel so scar… Reality … Continue reading

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Losing YOUR L♥\/E

Life made sense  with your presence… Its losing its essence with your absence Scared me to be luckiest person on earth much more precious than I can ever be worth… Used to scar I know I wud still walk stronger pain from … Continue reading

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I am LOST…

You came as morning dew made me feel lively fresh, Something I long everyday But know heart can’t possess, You are my life’s breaking dawn after facing the complete darkness, You are the one who wiped my tear made me … Continue reading

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