Kuch aise

kuch khamosh alfaz
hain labo par dabe huye,

kuch ankahe haqeeqat
hain aks ko sataye huye,

kuch tadapte ehsaas
hain teri ore kheechte huye,

kuch chupe huye armaan
hain palko mein biche huye,

kuch deewane jazbaat
hain dil mein dhadkte huye,

kuch kashish gehri
hain bebas karte huye,

kuch zindagi ke safar adhure
hain tere bin kaate huye,

kuch lamhe churaye
hain haseen pal sanjote huye,

kuch taraste nigahe
hain mulakat ke aas lagaye huye,

kuch rishta darmiyaan
hain anjaane dor se bandhe huye,

kuch mohabaat ke nagme
hain dil ke kone mein sajaye huye,

kuch taqdeer se jhagda
hain tujhe apna banate huye.

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Everyone says… But They don’t really know

Everyone says I need to move on
I can’t with your memory lingering on
The days remind me of the happier times so much
The nights aches for your whisper and touch
Everyone says I am being a fool
but they don’t know about our promise
You had told you will come for me soon
I need to hold on for some more time
Everyone says I need to let go
How do I tell them what we shared
I know for each other we really cared
it is our soul that we have scarred
Everyone says time heals everything
How do I tell them you are my everything
I wait for you, crying, put myself to sleep
you know it in your heart we shared something deep
Everyone says we are poles apart
But don’t opposite poles attract?
The bitter sweet moments remain
The lifeless me has become mundane
Everyone says we are better off away
how do I tell them the feel of our body rhythmic sway
Everything felt so right when you were around
It pains now searching for you never to be found
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MY Life… NO Fairytale

I was a normal dame…
believing in fairy tale,
Hoping for happily every after…
all I got was sorrow hereafter,
Trust me I said…
insecure heart craved,
I hated obsessive…
got entwined with possessive,
Caring of soul faltered…
could do nothing about ego altered,
looked forward for bliss of happiness…
instead found twinge of sadness,
Emotions surged captivated…
wished it had never got manipulated,
Illusion promised lovely vows…
reality claimed just cruel woes,
No longer believes in happy ending…
all I have is emptiness killing….
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NEVER Give Up!!

Heart fluttering…
Thought encompassing…
Eyes bewitching….
Dream accomplishing….
Truth endearing…
Hope aspiring…
Lifelong yearning…
Desire fulfilling…
world came crumbling
But still…
courage standing…
spirit undying…
Freedom soaring…
Broken wing healing…
Thats me flying!!!
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Tale of Broken Heart…

It wud’ve been simpler to hate you
I could move ahead and not look back 
those memories pierce through my heart
do we really have to go apart
Am I really that bad a person 
that you can’t love me for what I am
both know we are dying here
why can’t you just let go and try me out
I’ve been adamant not selfish though
happiness forever is what am tryin to seek
broken pieces and shattered heart
still calls out to you hold me in your arms
You are my life and heavenly bliss
I can never forget the way we kissed
tears dropped from my eyes
why can’t you be here to see… 
This is not meant to happen with us
lets not play a blame game
I know nothing is the same
but what to do of the soul engraved with your name !!
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Beyond Promise…

I cannot promise you happiness forever
but can you still gimme chance to take away your pain
I cannot promise to be love of your life
but can you still let me fall in love with u…
I cannot promise you a life full of roses
but can you still let me take away the thorns that come ur way
I cannot promise you to create memory for whole life
but can you still gimme chance to weave memory for lifetime…
I cannot promise you unseen future
but can you still let me be part of your present
I cannot promise to captivate your heart
but can you still gimme chance will never let you break apart…
I cannot promise you to be a dream gal
but can you still gimme the chance to show you the real me
I cannot promise you anything in life
but can you still let me be your everything for this short while…
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Not Anymore!!

Can someone really give so much pain
why had I to lose so much in my life
am I really so worthless
should I really put myself to shame
Nah! I don’t really think so
I have got the right to life
spread my wing and fly high
I can dare dream and fulfill
Can you try put me down
No not any more for sure
I finally know who I am and what I want
I am imperfect and happiness is all I count!!

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